Counterfeit Monkey — 105 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Part 4 - Affluence

Chapter 1 - City Walls

Section 1 - Old City Walls

Old City Walls are north of the Monumental Staircase. Understand "wall" as Old City Walls. "Only portions of the old walls still stand, but you can walk along what remains, as though you were defending the place. They're a me[ter] and a half wide, made of ashlar blocks. On the vertical faces these blocks are still rough, but underfoot they have been worn smooth by the passage of many defenders and (subsequently) tourists. One of the [defaced ashlar block]s in the wall has even been defaced, some old inscription gouged out.[one of]

I used to like to climb around up here when I was a kid. I made believe[--] oh, you'll think it's silly.[or][stopping]

Down below in the distance are the docks and the sea, and immediately east of here is an old hexagonal [turret-view]."

The defaced ashlar block is scenery in Old City Walls. Understand "blocks" or "ashlar" or "inscription" as block. The description is "To judge by its different shaping and col[our], the defaced block is something borrowed from an older building to make up the new wall: taken out of a church or a mosque or perhaps even a Roman fortification in some earlier era of the island.

It was once inscribed with a message, but whatever it was, the foreign-language writing has been completely chiseled away so as to be illegible.".

Rule for printing the name of the defaced ashlar block while looking:

say "block".

Instead of putting the restoration gel on the defaced ashlar block:

say "The gel has no ability to restore that which was physically damaged; only letter-changes can be removed."

Rule for listing exits when looking in Old City Walls:

do nothing instead.

Turret-view is a facade in Old City Walls. It is scenery. The printed name is "turret". Understand "old" or "hexagonal" or "tower" or "turret" as turret-view. The description is "The turret extends to the east. It's one of the best preserved pieces of the old wall."