Counterfeit Monkey — 110 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Section 3 - Chard-Garden

The Patriotic Chard-Garden is northeast of Webster Court. Understand "patriotic garden" or "chard garden" as the patriotic chard-garden.

The description is "A narrow strip of land between the house and the edge of my parents['] property. The eastern edge runs right up to the [decaying old wall] of the city, which here means some stumpy masonry on this side and a dizzying drop on the other.

The rest of their terraces and gardens are fenced off."

The introduction is "Because it's so linguistically productive, chard is something of a national symbol; and during the world wars, there was a fad of gardening at home. After the war, it became common for affluent people with a little bit of land to keep their garden, so that if you were down on your luck you could glean a few leaves."

The decaying old wall is scenery in Patriotic Chard-Garden. The description is "This part of it is not really picturesque: just old rocks, a few of which occasionally shift loose and fall away."

Instead of climbing on the decaying old wall:

say "It's not in the best of shape. It wouldn't be hard to become part of a minor rockfall and kill ourselves on the descent."

A chard is in Patriotic Chard-Garden. It is a vegetable. "A little [chard] still grows in the nearest bed, carefully tended to thrive in this climate." The indefinite article of the chard is "some".

Report taking the chard when the chard is not handled:

say "We pick the chard, leaving bare soil behind.

A flicker of curtains from inside the house suggests that someone saw us [--] a cleaner, possibly. But then there is a voice, not audible except as a confident rising and falling tone; this will be my mother, saying not to worry and not to interfere." instead.

A soil is a fixed in place thing in the Patriotic Chard-Garden. The indefinite article is "some". "At our feet is a patch of [soil]."

Understand "ground" or "earth" or "soil" as the soil.

The description is "Bare dirt[if the chard is not in the location and the location is the Patriotic Chard-Garden], revealed when the chard was cleared away[otherwise], looking somewhat out of place here[end if]."

The soil is diggable.

Instead of taking the soil when the soil is in the location:

say "It's more than [you] can carry around by the handful."

[Every turn when the player carries the dirt:

move the dirt to the location;

say "The dirt is more than we can contain, and spills out onto the ground instead." ]

Before doing something when the current action involves the soil and the chard is in the location:

say "The soil is hard to see under the chard." instead.

A description-concealing rule when the soil is marked for listing:

if the chard is in the location, now the soil is not marked for listing.

The house-wall is scenery in Patriotic Chard-Garden. Understand "house" or "flicker" or "curtains" or "curtain" or "window" or "windows" or "wall" as the house-wall.