Counterfeit Monkey — 116 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Section 3 - Lena

Lena is an alert woman in the Aquarium. "[one of][Lena] is present, all right. In fact she watches us keenly the instant [you] come into the shop.[or][Lena] hovers, unwilling to let us look around ungoverned[if the contraband box is mentionable and the contraband box contains something]. At her feet is [a contraband box] containing [a list of things in the contraband box][end if].[stopping]".

The introduction is "[Lena] is an associate of Slango's. You hadn't realized that had crossed over into a romance. Slango has never, ever in your recollection dated anyone. And now this."

The description is "She has grey hair in a curly cloud around her head, and she wears a [long patchwork skirt] and [leather sandals]. But her eyes are keen."

Lena wears a long patchwork skirt and some leather sandals. The description of the leather sandals is "The sort of sturdy comfortable sandals one can walk in for hours."

The description of the long patchwork skirt is "It falls to Lena's ankles even though it has been rolled over several times at the waistband. The fabric is mostly scraps of silver and grey and dark blue, but there are here and there some odd sports in other col[our]s." Understand "fabric" or "scraps" or "silver" or "grey" or "blue" or "dark blue" or "waistband" or "waist" or "ankles" as the long patchwork skirt.

Instead of putting the restoration gel on the odes-book in the presence of Lena:

say "'Hey,' she says. 'I like that how it is.'"

Instead of putting the restoration gel on the ream in the presence of Lena:

say "'No, leave that,' she says. 'That's a good disguise.'"

Carry out putting the restoration gel on something disguisable in the presence of Lena:

casually queue back-to-start.

Definition: a thing is disguisable:

if it is the modems:


if it is the preamps:


if it is proffered by the modems:


if it is proffered by the preamps:



Instead of taking the contraband box:

say "I don't think her plans for that included our stealing it."

Instead of taking something disguisable:

say "'You can't have [the noun],' Lena says. 'Just do whatever you think needs doing to... improve [it-them] a bit.'"

Instead of putting the paste on something in the presence of Lena:

say "[You] smear some of [the paste] onto [the second noun]. Nothing obvious happens, of course, but that is the whole point.";

now the second noun is disguised;

casually queue excellent-work.