Counterfeit Monkey — 122 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Section 9 - Counterfeit Monkey

[The concept of the Monkey came fairly early.]

The Counterfeit Monkey is west of the Docks. It is proper-named and indoors. "[one of]It takes a minute for us to adjust to the light in here. [or]Infamously this pub was raided in 1929, the year that the Bureau developed its first meager attempt at an Authentication Scope, and dozens of smugglers and fraudulent businessmen went to jail. But neither that raid nor subsequent scrutiny has ever shut the place down entirely. [or][stopping]Built when people were a bit shorter and ceilings were a bit lower, the Counterfeit Monkey is always smoky and never well lit, even in the middle of the day."

A description-concealing rule when Slango is in the Counterfeit Monkey:

now the clientele is unmarked for listing;

now the barman is unmarked for listing.

A description-concealing rule when the Counterfeit Monkey is not visited:

now the clientele is unmarked for listing;

now the barman is unmarked for listing;

now the origin paste is unmarked for listing.

Rule for writing a topic sentence about the clientele:

say "[The clientele] are currently engaged in a game of darts, while [the barman] watches and [if the player wears the britishizing goggles]practises[otherwise]practices[end if] a sarcastic wit on those who embarrass themselves[if the origin paste is on the bar-top]. There is also a quantity of [Origin Paste] sitting out on the bar[end if]. ";

The dartboard is scenery in the Counterfeit Monkey. Understand "dart" or "darts" or "board" as the dartboard. The description is "Several guys are engaged in a lively game of darts. By their tattoos, you recogn[ize] them: they have a regular darts game in which smuggling drop-off coordinates are passed back and forth in the form of scores and the game's surrounding banter.

The result is that the Bureau has been trying to tape their communications for months without ever turning up evidence of wrongdoing."

Understand "playdarts" as a mistake ("We really don't want to attract the negative attention of those guys.").

Instead of doing something other than examining with the dartboard:

say "We really don't want to attract the negative attention of those guys."

Check waving the letter-remover at the tattoos:

say "Too hard to distinctly target the collective of tattoos when they're on various moving arms on various slightly drunk guys."

Some tattoos are part of the clientele. The description of the tattoos is "[one of]One says I HEART MA[or]One is a detailed rendering of scenes from Brooklyn[or]One looks like an Elder Sign[at random]."

The clientele is a person in Counterfeit Monkey. "[The clientele] is keeping [the barman] thoroughly busy."

The description of the clientele is "A nasty-looking bunch. They can be good enough if you're on the right side of them, but getting and staying that way isn't easy. And they're justly suspicious: the customs house not infrequently tries to infiltrate the criminal organ[ization]s and brotherhoods, though with no great success." Understand "crowd" or "players" or "player" or "customers" or "customer" or "men" or "guys" or "people" or "man" or "guy" as the clientele.

The barman is a man in Counterfeit Monkey. The description of the barman is "His name is Parker, and he is a friend of yours, when you're wearing your own skin. At the moment, though, it seems like a good idea not to trust these friendships by making our new disguise known." Understand "bartender" or "barkeep" or "Parker" as the barman.

Instead of saying hello to the barman in the presence of Slango:

say "Better not; the less people notice this little conversation, the better."

Instead of saying hello to the clientele:

say "They're... busy. At best interrupting them would interrupt their code, and at worst it would make them think [you] [are] a Bureau agent."

[say "At the moment they aren't harassing us, but there's no reason to get their attention. After all, it took plenty of work to get their respect the first time out, and we don't have the time now to earn it again."]

The bar-top is a supporter in Counterfeit Monkey. It is scenery. Understand "counter" or "bar" as the bar-top. The printed name of the bar-top is "bar". The description is "Kept scrupulously clean, whatever you might say about the rest of the place."

To summon Slango:

move Slango to the Counterfeit Monkey;

now the barman is not alert.

Slango is an alert man. "[Slango] sits at [a dark table], nursing [a root beer]."

The description is "He's dressed plainly but neatly: clean jeans, crisp white button-up shirt. His face is calm and his voice is even and he could be any age between thirty and fifty. He looked that way when you met him eight years ago, too."

The introduction is "Slango is, of course, not Slango's real name. He is half criminal, half ideological revolutionary: uncouth, restless, always hungry for a new exploit. Had he been born into a freer society, he might have become a very valuable engineer or consultant. He has been your mentor in crime and your usher into the world of adults."

Slango wears clean jeans and a button-up shirt. The clean jeans and the button-up shirt are scenery. The description of the clean jeans is "He wears them as though they were uniform trousers." The description of the button-up shirt is "White and stainless."

Slango carries a root beer.

Report Slango saying hello to the player:

complete "Meet your colleague Slango at Counterfeit Monkey";

say "[one of]Slango meets our eye for a long minute without smiling[or]Slango nods to us[stopping]." instead.

Definition: a thing is slango-related:

if it is enclosed by Slango:



Instead of looking at a slango-related thing through an authentication scope:

say "[The second noun] pings happily as [you] sight [the noun] with the crosshairs. [one of]Slango looks irritated.[or]'Would you mind putting that away?' Slango asks.[or]Slango sticks out his jaw.[stopping]".

The dark table is a supporter in the Counterfeit Monkey. The description is "[You] can't see it too well, which might be just as well." It is scenery.

The Marina is a region. The Counterfeit Monkey, Outdoor Cafe, the Fish Market, Deep Street, Tin Hut, Aquarium Bookstore, and the Docks are in the Marina.