Counterfeit Monkey — 145 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Book 4 - Act IV Among Policemen

Part 1 - The Bureau

Chapter 1 - The Bureau and Environs

Section 1 - Tall Street

East of Roundabout is Tall Street. Tall Street is a road. "Tall Street is very quiet. No celebrations have reached this far, and neither is there any business today; so it has an air of dull abandonment. At the [east] end the street bends to go around an old park rarely visited."

The distant-rotunda is scenery in Tall Street. It is distant. The printed name is "rotunda". Understand "rotunda" and "distant" and "blue" and "bureau of orthography" as the distant-rotunda.

To decide whether (item - a thing) must be touched:

if the item is the noun and the action requires a touchable noun, yes;

if the item is the second noun and the action requires a touchable second noun, yes;


Instead of doing anything when the distant-rotunda must be touched: say "From here [you] can't reach."

The description of the distant-rotunda is "It is brighter blue than the sky and soars many [if the player wears the Britishizing goggles]storeys[otherwise]stories[end if]."

Rule for listing exits when looking in Tall Street:

if Pinata Celebration is happening:

do nothing instead;

say "To the [south] is the important blue [rotunda] of the Bureau of Orthography. The street runs [west] towards the busy roundabout."

The employment office is a facade in Tall Street. It fronts north. It is scenery.

The description is "Only the stencilled lettering in the window identifies this place: Temporary Employment For Job Seekers. The blinds are down and the door locked. It doesn't look like a large facility." Understand "blinds" or "blind" or "door" or "window" or "lettering" as the employment office.