Counterfeit Monkey — 155 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Section 3 - Secret Section

Bureau Basement Secret Section is indoors and forbidden. "The heightened security on this side of the door is obvious everywhere [you] look. The floor is tiled in paisley tiles. The light fixtures give off pale pink light. The walls are covered in frog leather. The doors are locked with padlocks the size of handbags, locks decorated à la Louis Quinze, combination locks made of solid gold. There is not a bare noun in sight."

Some frog leather walls, paisley tile floors, enormous padlocks, fancy locks, and gold combination locks are scenery in the Bureau Basement Secret Section. The description of the frog leather walls is "Mostly green spotted with brown, but for decorative trim they've used more exotic tree frogs in blue and orange."

The description of the paisley tile floors is "[You] have a dizzying impression of walking on an old gentleman's tie."

The description of the enormous padlocks is "Huge and heavy, like something out of the jail in a child's cartoon."

The description of the gold combination locks is "They may look old fashioned, but inside I daresay they are electronic and use one of those systems where the passcode is tied to the exact current time of day."

The description of the fancy locks is "They look as though they were doing service in Versailles, but they also look as though they're really fingerprint readers. The business of grasping the lock to insert the key is the important thing. Not that [you] have the right sort of fingertips for that."

Rule for listing exits while looking in Bureau Basement Secret Section:

say "[if Cold Storage is visited]Going south through the security door isn't an option; our only way out is north[otherwise]The hallway runs from south (comparatively normal) to north (deeply frightening)[end if]. Just west is the equipment testing room[if Cold Storage is visited], and southwest is Cold Storage[end if]." instead.