Counterfeit Monkey — 161 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Section 3 - Equipment Archive

Equipment Archive is a room. It is indoors and forbidden. "The ceiling is mirrored, perhaps to make it harder for anyone to sneak around without being noticed among the shelves."

A ceiling mirror is a mirror in the Equipment Archive.

Instead of shooting a mirror with the loaded anagramming gun:

record "Finn Rosehip award for gnu-hunting" as an achievement;

say "[You] fire the anagramming gun into [the noun]. The reflection at once converts the anagramming gun into an anagramming gnu.

The gnu stares around in confusion, its watery gaze temporarily dissolving everything it looks at, until at last it happens to catch its own reflection.

A moment later, the anagramming gun is merely a gun again."

Some equipment shelves are a supporter in Equipment Archive. "[The shelves] here display an assortment of obsolete, broken, foreign, or otherwise unusual letter tools. "

On the shelves are an accent flipper, an umlaut punch, a Catalan punt volat needle, some broken components, and some lamb-granulates.

Test flipperbug with "tutorial off / autoupgrade / open tub / gel lamb granulates / load gun with bullets / shoot flipper / shoot cap" holding the anagramming gun and the tub in the Equipment Archive.

The description of the lamb-granulates is "They're tiny brown beads used to make lamb-stock gravy. Perhaps they're left-over military rations of some kind." The printed name of the lamb-granulates is "lamb granulates". Understand "lamb granulates" or "gravy" or "lamb" or "lamb granulates" as the lamb-granulates.

The description of the accent flipper is "Not an Atlantean product at all, but a machine built by the state-subsid[ize]d French company Aigu. Its sole purpose is to convert accents or remove them entirely, not a function that much applies to English words. In form, it looks like a very small spatula connected by wire to a substantial battery pack." The heft of the accent flipper is 5.

The introduction of the accent flipper is "You've heard of the congrès / congres scandal. One of these was responsible."

Test flipper with "look" in the Equipment Archive.

The description of the broken components is "A heap of parts from old machines: cranks, gears, buttons with letters and numbers on them, delicate hoops of silver wire, knobs from which all the markers have worn away." Understand "parts" or "heap" or "old machines" or "cranks" or "gears" or "buttons" or "delicate" or "hoops" or "silver" or "wire" or "knobs" or "crank" or "gear" or "button" or "hoop" as the broken components.

Instead of facing up in Equipment Archive:

say "The whole ceiling is mirrored. [run paragraph on]";

try examining the ceiling mirror.

Rule for listing exits while looking in Equipment Archive:

say "The functional area continues to the south, and the hallway is west."