Counterfeit Monkey — 167 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Chapter 3 - Atlantida's Spaces

Section 1 - Personal Apartment

The Personal Apartment is a room. It is indoors and forbidden. "At a guess, this is a room hardly anyone ever visits, or even knows about. Though the ceiling and one wall are bare cave, the rest has been paneled and graciously decorated in the style of the end of the 18th century. [if the oil-paintings are in the location][Oil-paintings] on the walls depict great men and women of Atlantis gone by: Phyllida Shaply, Amelia Landison, Clarence Arbot, Jon Rosehip. [end if]An antique bed stands in the cen[ter] of the room."

atlantida-woman is an attackable woman in the Personal Apartment. [She is on the fancy bed.] The printed name of atlantida-woman is "Atlantida". The description of atlantida-woman is "Her face is ageless, her eyes a piercing blue. She looks like Phyllida Shaply, our famous forebear, except that there is something ethereal and heroic about her as well."

Rule for listing exits while looking in Personal Apartment:

say "Air and sunlight stream in from the east."

The inlaid desk is a desk in Personal Apartment. The description is "Very elegant and delicate."

A stack of files is on the inlaid desk. The description is "Even a quick look through the titles gives some idea. 'DCL Plausibility studies on a syllable-removing gun.' 'Economic impact study towards an S-inserter, with particular attention to factory closures and workforce reduction in the developing world.' 'Single-noun Targeted Bomb.' 'Popular Opinion Study Concerning Utopian Linguistics.' 'Monthly Counterintelligence Report on Progress towards Manipulation of Simplified Chinese Character Set.'

There are others like this, some thin, some fat with paperwork and sticky notes."

Instead of taking the stack of files:

say "There are too many of them: they slide every which way."

Instead of searching the stack of files:

say "They're full of alarming information, but there's no time now to memor[ize] everything."

A rubber stamp is a thing on the inlaid desk. The description is "It is made to stamp two words: ETHICAL VETO. The discol[our]ation shows it has indeed been used, though not, perhaps, very recently."

Understand "stamp [text]" as a mistake ("It seems unlikely that our tampering would go unnoticed.") when the player can see the rubber stamp.

The oil-paintings are scenery in Personal Apartment. They are plural-named. The printed name is "[if looking]Oil[otherwise]oil[end if] paintings". Understand "oil" or "painting" or "paintings" or "portraits" or "portrait" as the oil-paintings. The description is "They look like originals. I have seen some of these portraits before, in books at school or in the museum, but was given to understand that they'd been stolen, leaving only photographs or replicas."

A fancy bed is a clothed bed. It is scenery in Personal Apartment. The description of the fancy bed is "Draped in eau-de-Nil blankets, and tossed by a restless occupant." Understand "antique" as the fancy bed. The printed name of the fancy bed is "bed".

Understand "eau-de-Nil" or "eau" or "de" or "nil" as the fancy bed's blankets. The description of the fancy bed's blankets is "They're brocaded, worked with the great A of Anglophone Atlantis."

The description of the fancy bed's pillow is "Down, I'm sure."

The description of the fancy bed's sheets is "Pale and satiny, just a few shades lighter than the blankets."

[A bead is on the inlaid desk. The description of the bead is "It's a large, glass bead, beautifully patterned in blue and white and clear glass. But that does not explain its presence here."

Before putting gel on the bead:

if the bead is not in the location:

if the player does not carry the bead:

try taking the bead;

if the player carries the bead:

try dropping the bead.

Report dropping the bead:

say "[You] set the bead down on the floor." instead.

Before waving the letter-remover at the fancy bed when Phyllida is on the fancy bed:

say "She sees what [you] [are] up to.";

try atlantida-woman exiting. ]