Counterfeit Monkey — 180 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Section 11 - Slango's Bunk

Slango's Bunk is aft-port from the Galley. It is nautical. It is indoors. The description is "Just as tiny as yours, with a bed narrower than a standard twin, and its own miniature head, and drawers cunningly fitted under the bed to hold clothing and other necessities."

Instead of going fore in Slango's Bunk:

try going fore-starboard.

Some side portholes are portholes. They are in Slango's bunk.

Slango's bed is a yacht bed in Slango's bunk. It is scenery. The description is "Hospital corners, military precision. Slango never actually served in the armed forces to the best of your knowledge, but that hasn't stopped him acting like it."

Instead of doing something other than examining to something that is part of Slango's bed:

say "Neither of us is quite comfortable invading Slango's privacy in that way."