Counterfeit Monkey — 182 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Section 13 - View from Outdoor Areas

The island is a distant backdrop. It screens south. It is in Open Sea and Sunning Deck and Navigation Area and Foredeck. The description is "From here, [you] can see a lot of the shoreline: the Custom House on the top of its cliff (which at a distance doesn't seem very tall at all); the harbor and the docks, both the touristy portion and the more industrial areas; and then the headland and the ramparts of the old city, with the cannon emplacements (now disused). [You] can even make out just a bit of the sandier beaches on the northwest shore of the island, though at this distance it is impossible to people-watch." Understand "atlantis" or "anglophone" or "shore" or "shoreline" or "dock" or "docks" or "cliff" or "custom" or "house" or "cannon" or "ramparts" or "emplacements" or "old city" or "city" or "beach" or "beaches" or "sand" or "people" as the island.

The cathedral-view is a distant backdrop. The printed name is "cathedral of Palma". Understand "cathedral" or "palma" or "of palma" or "yachts" or "mallorca" as cathedral-view. It screens port. The description is "The cathedral of Palma stands over the water and any number of waiting yachts. It is the first place I've ever seen outside the island of Atlantis [--] that wasn't a picture or a movie, of course. It looks overdone and a bit dirty and also like the only solid thing in view."