Counterfeit Monkey — 235 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Section 10 - Pe

The description of the pea is "Just a single green pea.". The pea is an edible vegetable. The heft of the pea is 1.

The introduction of the pea is "If I weren't violently allergic to peas, I'm sure that would be much less menacing."

After eating the pea:

say "Did I never tell you about my legume allergy? My mother was always absurdly protective because I nearly died when I was two. I think that explains a few things about my personality.

[You] can just hope the synthesis process has changed that about our body.

Are those hives? I can't breathe; can you?";

end the game saying "[You] have succumbed to an allergen".

The peacoat is a floppy wearable thing. It covers the torso-area.

The description is "A short double-breasted coat in navy blue wool, of a handsome unisex cut that looks vaguely nautical."

The peacock is a noisy bird. The heft of the peacock is 3. The description is "A glorious blue-green animal, with feathered crest and long, spreading tail." Understand "crest/tail" as the peacock.

The initial appearance of the peacock is "[if the peacock is in the location]A peacock struts nearby[otherwise]A peacock regards us brightly[end if]."

Sanity-check burning the peacock:

say "It's a peacock, not a phoenix." instead.

Instead of listening to the peacock:

say "[one of]The peacock trills self-importantly[or]The peacock makes a practice noise in its throat[or]The peacock ruffles its many feathers[at random]."

The description of the peacod is "The thin outer shell of a pod of peas, from which the peas themselves have already been extracted." The heft of the peacod is 1. The peacod is edible.

Sanity-check opening or closing the peacod:

say "There's not much point to further manipulation, as the peas are gone." instead.

The peal is noisy. The description of the peal is "It is the embodiment of a peal of bells: no weight or size, but the impression of bronze, early Gothic spires in a spare English countryside, and clangor."

Instead of listening to the peal:

say "[one of]When you pay attention, the peal really is nearly deafening[or]The bells go on and on like a cheap alarm clock I once had[or]Clang, clang! goes the peal[cycling]." The peal is r-abstract.

The description of the pearl is "It is small, slightly uneven, and pale blue in col[our]. Not worth very much, but genuine.". The heft of the pearl is 1. Instead of tasting or eating the pearl: say "I've heard you can tell real pearls from fake by tasting them for grittiness, but honestly with this one I can't tell."

The pearl-ring is a wearable thing. The printed name is "pearl ring". Understand "pearl" or "ring" or "gold" or "diamond" or "diamonds" as the pearl-ring. The description is "It's a little old-fashioned, a pearl mounted in a swirl of gold and accented with tiny chip diamonds."

The description of the peat is "Dirty and smelly. [one of]You've had better ideas, really.[or]I assume this is going to be useful for something?[at random]".

The indefinite article is "some".

The scent-description of the peat is "a deep earthiness redolent of compost".

The description of the pen is "One of those old-fashioned fountain pens[if the nib is part of the pen] with a fresh nib attached[otherwise], though lacking a nib[end if]."

Instead of inserting the nib into the pen:

now the nib is part of the pen;

say "The nib screws in easily and is now part of the pen."

Before taking the nib when the nib is part of the pen:

now the nib is in the location.

The pen can be inked or uninked.

Instead of inserting ink into the pen:

if the nib is not part of the pen:

say "Without a nib, the pen can't safely be filled; the ink will just flow out again." instead;

now the pen is inked;

remove the noun from play;

say "We fill the body of the pen with ink and reattach the nib."

Test pen with "wave s-remover at sink / get ink / write on jotter / write with pen / write with pen on jotter / write on jotter with pen / write Alice on jotter / put ink in pen / put nib in pen / get nib / put nib in pen / put ink in pen / write on jotter / write on page / write alice on jotter / write alice on page" in the Public Convenience holding the pen and the nib and the page and the jotter.

Carry out writing on something:

record "Horace Fingerstain award for jotting some notes" as an achievement;

The description of the pens is "A handful of cheap plastic pens, the kind that offices buy so that employees won't be tempted to steal them."

Instead of inserting ink into the pens:

say "These are the sort of pens that are meant to be thrown away as soon as they run out or the ink clots or something goes wrong with the tip, which is to say, almost instantly; that is, if the hapless user doesn't fancy using them to try to carve words into the surface of a legal pad instead.

They cannot be refilled. They are unacquainted with liquid ink."

The perl is r-abstract. The description of the perl is "A flickering of regular expressions and .pl filenames, translucent in the air. I never could see the appeal, but I have a friend in linguistic engineering who swears that regular expressions are the language God speaks."

The pests are an insect. The description of the pests is "The pests are a motley assortment of chiggers, mosquitos, bedbugs, ticks, and midges."

The pestos are edible. The description of the pestos is "Glass jars contain three types of local pesto: a traditional basil and garlic variety, a sun-dried tomato pesto, and the infamous squid-flake pesto. The jars are packaged in a glossy cardboard box, suitable for taking back to one's mother-in-law after a trip to Atlantis."

Understand "glass" or "jars" or "local" or "basil" or "garlic" or "tomato" or "pesto" or "sun-dried" or "squid-flake" or "glossy" or "cardboard" as the pestos.

The initial appearance of a pet is usually "Our [one of]new[or]recently-acquired[or]familiar[stopping] pet frolicks nearby." The description of a pet is "Unspecific as to species, but it has soft and gleaming fur; small, well-formed paws with tiny rose-col[our]ed nails; a twitching, sensitive nose; a tail; a clever look." The heft of the pet is 2.

The scent-description of the pet is "warm fur".

Report a pet exiting:

if the container exited from is the T-inserter, say "With a nervous glance at the injectors and nozzles, the pet clambers awkwardly out of the basket of the T-inserter and lowers itself to the ground.";

otherwise say "The pet scrambles out of [the container exited from].";

stop the action.

The description of the petal is "Lush and fragrant and pale-cream with gold streaks." The scent-description of the petal is "rosewater". The heft of the petal is 1.

The description of the petcock is "A valve for controlling the fuel supply on a motorcycle[if open]. It is currently open, but as it's not attached to any supply line, this makes little difference[end if]." The petcock can be openable. The petcock can be open. The petcock is openable and closed.