Counterfeit Monkey — 238 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Section 13 - Pr - Pz

The description of the preamp is "It looks like just one specimen from the group from which you were working."

The PTA is an ambiguously plural person. The description of the PTA is "About a half-dozen soccer moms in sensible shoes, and a lone father, who looks bemused." The PTA is noisy. Understand "soccer moms" or "moms" or "shoes" or "lone" or "father" as the PTA.

Instead of listening to the PTA:

say "[one of]The PTA members are currently debating whether it is appropriate to include pre-English-language history of Atlantis in the curriculum[or]One of the PTA members is currently arguing to eliminate the story of the Tower of Babel from the literature curriculum on the grounds that it is unduly traumatic for the young[or]The PTA members are working out a bake-sale roster to pay for fresh copies of the New Orthodox Orthography to be placed in the school library[or]One PTA mother is explaining why she felt her daughter should have been given the part of the letter Y in the school play[at random]."

The pun is r-abstract. The heft of the pun is 0. The description of a pun is "Currently the pun reads '[one of]Atheism is a non-prophet organization[or]The butcher backed up into the meat grinder and got a little behind in his work[at random].'"

Some puns are r-abstract. The heft of the puns is 0. The description of puns is "It's a booklet of Atlantean jokes, the kind of thing you might get in school as a child."

The heft of the fake-punt is 6. The description of the fake-punt is "It's a long, flat-bottomed wooden boat intended to be driven by pole rather than by a sail or oars. We don't have a lot of locations for punting around here, but I've read about the practice." The printed name of the fake-punt is "punt". Understand "punt" as the fake-punt.

The heft of the punts is 10. The description of the punts is "An assortment of punts, which by the looks of them are usually driven from the Cambridge end."

The puppy is an animal. The description of the puppy is "She's a tiny black and white papillon with lots of fur and large, trusting eyes." Understand "papillon" as the puppy. The heft of the puppy is 2.

Test puppybug with "drop puppy / take puppy" holding the puppy.

The indefinite article of the pus is "some". The description of the pus is "It's malodorous and yellowish."