Counterfeit Monkey — 31 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Section 2 - Making TRD first plural

[ Tailored Room Description assumes a second-person narrator. We use TRD's abilities heavily throughout the game to control the order and manner in which items are described, but we need to do a couple of tweaks to get the output to conform properly to requirements here.]

When play begins:

now the current-topic-sentences-table is the Table of NBS;

now the current-room-content-table is the Table of NRCD.

Rule for writing a topic sentence about an introduceable as-yet-unknown thing (called special-target) which is not in the location:

if the special-target is initially-described, make no decision;

if the special-target is flexibly-described, make no decision;

change the current-subject to special-target;

let special-exterior be the holder of the special-target;

if the special-exterior is a chair and the special-target is a person:

make no decision; [this we want to describe explicitly as sitting]

say "[You] can see [a special-target] [in-on special-exterior as a possibly-known item]. [run paragraph on]".

Table of NBS

"[if the current-subject is a person][The current-subject] [is-are] here. [otherwise][You] can see [a current-subject] here. [end if]".

Table of NRCD

"[You] can [optional also]see [a list of mentionable things in the current-subject] [if current-subject is the location]here[otherwise]in [the current-subject][end if]. ".

A ranking rule for a person (called special-target):

increase the description-rank of the special-target by 10.