Counterfeit Monkey — 42 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Section 2 - Loudness

A thing can be noisy or quiet. A thing is usually quiet.

Every turn when the player is not in the car:

if listening:

make no decision;

call the swift rule on everything in scope;

let noisemaker be a random noisy marked for listing thing;

now everything is not marked for listing;

if the noisemaker is something and the noisemaker is not in a closed container:

try listening to the noisemaker.

Report listening to a quiet thing:

say "[The noun] [one of]do[es]n't make much noise[or][is-are] naturally silent[or]make[s] no notable noises[at random]." instead.

Report listening to a person:

if the noun is the current interlocutor:

say "I'm paying attention, don't worry." instead;


say "[You] hear some breathing, I guess. Nothing extraordinary." instead.