Counterfeit Monkey — 46 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Section 4 - Going Back and Going Vaguely

Understand "go back" as retreating. Understand "back" or "return" or "retreat" as retreating.

The former direction is a direction that varies.

Carry out going: change the former direction to the noun.

Retreating is an action applying to nothing.

Carry out retreating:

let new direction be the opposite of the former direction;

say "(heading [new direction])[line break]";

try going the new direction.

Understand "leave [any room]" or "go outside [any room]" as departing. Departing is an action applying to one thing.

Check departing: if the noun is not the location, say "You aren't in [the noun]." instead.

Carry out departing:

let chosen way be the logical exit;

if chosen way is a direction


say "(heading [chosen way], since that is the only direction available)[line break]";

try going chosen way;


say "Any particular direction? ";

carry out the listing exits activity;

end if.

To decide what direction is the logical exit:

let N be 0;

let chosen way be north;

repeat with way running through directions


let place be the room way from the location;

if place is a room


increase N by 1;

let chosen way be the way;

end if;

end repeat;

if N is 1, decide on the chosen way.