Counterfeit Monkey — 7 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Chapter 2 - Sounds

[Once upon a time, when this was a much smaller and more comedic game, I was going to have sound effects communicating successes and failures with the various letter-manipulating instruments. But then the tone of the game changed and the game itself got a lot longer, and it felt like the cuteness of this would wear off long before hour eight or so of play.

Also, not all interpreters support Glulx sound, so I would have had to commit to a lot of extra testing work in order to get anything done in this line.

Ultimately it didn't seem worth it and the sounds were scrapped from the gameplay. I did have a fun afternoon once picking royalty-free sounds from a special effects database, though.]

[Sound of record scratch is the file "scratch14.aif".

Sound of sudden growth is the file "maximize04.aif".

Sound of scope success is the file "organic_nav_16.aif".

Sound of scope failure is the file "hi-tech_05.aif".

Sound of gel splort is the file "pop_15.aif". ]