Counterfeit Monkey — 61 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Section 5 - Outdoor Rooms and Digging

A thing can be diggable. A thing is usually not diggable.

Understand "hole in" or "in" or "up" or "a hole in" as "[hole in]".

Understand "dig [hole in] [something diggable]" or "dig [something diggable]" as digging in. Understand "dig [hole in] [something]" or "dig [something]" as digging in. Digging in is an action applying to one thing.

Understand the command "scoop" as "dig".

Sanity-check digging in a person:

say "[The noun] do[es]n't have much in common with a mound of dirt." instead.

Sanity-check digging in a floppy wearable thing which is not diggable:

say "...what, like looking through for pockets or something? No sign of anything interesting, I'm afraid." instead.

Check digging in:

if the noun is not diggable:

say "That seems pointless." instead.

Report digging in the soil:

say "[You] try scooping away a few handfuls of the soil, but find nothing interesting in the process. [You][']re also getting dirt under our fingernails." instead.

Report digging in something diggable:

say "Excavating a bit of [the noun] turns up nothing of interest."

Instead of looking under a diggable thing:

try digging in the noun.