Counterfeit Monkey — 63 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Section 2 - Computers

[The computer code handles the idea of computers that are on and off, running multiple programs, password protection, email delivery (though we don't actually use that in this game), search engines, and multiple-choice engines. These support Waterstone's laptop (which we never interact with), the secretary's computer (which we can break into if we want, but it's just an easter egg), and the machinery that converts the letter-remover device to remove its legal limitations, as well as Atlantida's ebook reader in the endgame.

The code was originally written for Counterfeit Monkey, but I took it out, polished it up, and published it some years ahead of the game as an extension. This was useful to do: authors of other games pointed out a few flaws in that code that allowed me to improve the behavior for this game.]

Include Computers by Emily Short.

The description of a keyboard is usually "Arranged in the Dvorak layout preferred in Anglophone Atlantis."

When play begins:

repeat with item running through search engines:

now the results-found response of item is "The search turns up the following results:";

now the description of the item is "[You] can type search terms to look for data records."