Counterfeit Monkey — 65 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Section 2 - Vegetables

A vegetable is a kind of thing. The description of a vegetable is usually "Some leafy greens that might make an okay side salad, if [you] were feeling hungry." A vegetable is usually edible.

The scent-description of a vegetable is usually "vegetable matter".

[These two items are reserved for use in place of the pear and the banana during hard mode.]

The prickly-pear is a vegetable. The printed name is "prickly pear". The description of the prickly-pear is "It's a hostile red fruit covered with spines." Understand "prickly" and "pear" as the prickly-pear.

The pineapple is a vegetable. The description is "It is thick-skinned and spiky all over. I've never learned how to serve one of these things without getting juice over everything in a ten-foot radius."