Counterfeit Monkey — 75 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Section 3 - Concreteness

A thing can be r-concrete or r-abstract. A thing is usually r-concrete.

Sanity-check rubbing or squeezing or touching or waving or pulling or pushing or turning or climbing an r-abstract thing:

say "[The noun] [is-are] not really solid enough to treat that way. Might as well be [one of]dandelion fluff[or]pipe smoke[or]a hologram[or]a 3D image[or]mist[or]a cloud of vapor[at random]." instead.

Sanity-check eating or drinking or tasting an r-abstract thing:

say "[The noun] [is-are] too abstract to offer sustenance." instead.

Sanity-check pushing an r-abstract thing to a direction:

say "[The noun] [is-are]n't solid enough for that kind of treatment." instead.

Sanity-check switching on or switching off an r-abstract thing:

if the noun is a device:

make no decision;

say "[The noun] [is-are]n't literally a projection; [it-they] [is-are] more of a concept created by the group mind of this language community. Sort of. [You] think. At any rate, [it-they] do[es]n't switch on and off." instead.