Counterfeit Monkey — 77 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Section 5 - Length and Strength

A thing can be short or long. A thing is usually short.

A thing can be strong or floppy. A thing is usually strong.

Sanity-check swinging a long thing:

if the noun is strong:

say "[You] might hit something with [the noun]." instead.

Instead of swinging a long thing:

if the noun is wearable:

say "[You] swing [the noun] dashingly over a shoulder. I feel foolish now.";


say "[You] swing [the noun] from one hand, to no special effect."

Sanity-check swinging a short thing:

if the noun is not a person:

say "There's not really a lot of extent to [the noun] to make [it-them] satisfying to swing." instead.