Counterfeit Monkey — 84 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Section 2 - Looking for Transport

Seeking transport is a scene. Seeking transport begins when playing to plan ends. Seeking transport ends when the Counterfeit Monkey is visited.

When seeking transport ends:

remove the farmer from play;

remove the farmer's stall from play; [We want to give the sense of change here, and also get the farmer out of the way before he can be transformed into a FAME abstraction.]

now the current daytime is mid afternoon;

assign "Ask people around here if they've seen Slango" at Counterfeit Monkey;

say "...and... Slango is not here.

This is bad. Even I can see this is bad. What happened to your confidence in your team? Where are the guys who are supposed to get us out of here?

Something must have gone wrong.";