Counterfeit Monkey — 86 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Section 4 - Academia

Seeking invite is a scene. Seeking invite begins when Seeking Slango ends. Seeking invite ends when the player carries the invitation.

When seeking invite ends:

record "acquiring a sought-after invitation" as achieved;

[ say "[command prompt]";

wait for any key;

say "[paragraph break]I'm not sure I can handle this. The university stuff is one thing. I know my way around here. But [you] could be about to get into some real trouble. And I can tell you don't believe my plan has a chance of doing much good. You don't, do you? >>";

if the player consents:

say "[line break]Heh. I don't think you mean that, but it's kind of you to humor me.";


say "[line break]No. But you're right: for good or ill, [you][']ll be out."]

Before going to University Oval:

if "Trace Brock's movements at the antique shop" is completed:

make no decision;

if hurrying:

let N be the number of entries in the path so far of the player;

if N is greater than 1:

say "[path-walked so far][paragraph break]";


clear the path-walked for the player;

now approach-destination is Samuel Johnson Hall;

say "There are a couple of All-Purpose Officers standing not-that-inconspicuously around campus. I still think we could walk around in there if we wanted to, but you aren't all that keen. And I guess it is possible that they're looking for students associated with the protests today." instead.