Counterfeit Monkey — 107 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Section 3 - The Walls Crumble

Crumbling Wall Face is north of the Old City Walls. "The wall once continued north from here some distance before curving northwest around the remainder of the city. So much has crumbled away, though, that the walkway is impassable north of this point. To protect citizens, there is a [safety railing] across the [view of jagged wall].

A [metal ladder] of four rungs descends the inner face of the wall, allowing pedestrians access to the streets to the west."

Sanity-check going north in Crumbling Wall Face:

say "The wall pretty much falls away into slippery rubble at that point, which is why there's a safety railing in the way." instead.

rule for listing exits while looking in Crumbling Wall Face:

do nothing instead.

Instead of facing southeast in Crumbling Wall Face:

say "[You] would have to go south and then east to reach it, but that way is the top of the hexagonal turret."

The fossil is a thing in Crumbling Wall Face. "Among the rubble fill of the wall is [if we have examined the fossil]a fossil[otherwise]an odd spiral-shaped rock[end if]."

Understand "odd" or "spiral-shaped" or "spiral" or "shaped" or "rock" or "stone" as the fossil.

The description is "[one of]The spiral rock turns out to be a fossil, from one of those sea creatures long ago.[or]It is perhaps an inch and a half long, the shape of a corkscrew seashell that once housed something small and soft. There are thousands of these things around; they're not exactly valuable, but an interesting curiosity all the same.[stopping]".

Instead of examining the view of jagged wall when we have not examined the fossil:

try examining the fossil.

The view of jagged wall is a distant backdrop in Crumbling Wall Face. It screens north. The printed name is "broken edge".

The description is "The masonry has broken away, revealing the rubble fill inside the wall and making a dangerously unstable surface of craggy rocks.". Understand "edge" or "broken" or "rubble" or "craggy" or "rocks" or "gravel" or "unstable" or "jagged" or "masonry" as the view of jagged wall. Understand "rock" as the view of jagged wall when the rock is not visible and the fossil is not visible.

The safety railing is scenery in Crumbling Wall Face. The description is "Though it shows traces of surface rust, the safety railing is sturdy and close-fitted enough to prevent anyone, child or adult, from taking a tumble down the jagged masonry.". Understand "rail" as the safety railing.

Instead of turning or pulling or pushing the safety railing:

say "It proves gratifyingly resistant to your attempts."

Instead of climbing the safety railing:

say "It's here for our protection."

The metal ladder is a down-staircase in Crumbling Wall Face. It is fixed in place. The description is "The rungs [if the noun is not the metal ladder]of the ladder [end if]have been bolted individually into the stone." Understand "rungs" or "rung" as the metal ladder.

Instead of going down in Crumbling Wall Face, try going west.

The Walltop is a region. The Old City Walls, the Crumbling Wall Face, and the Old Hexagonal Turret are in The Walltop.

Instead of listening to a location in Walltop:

say "The noises that reach us are the sounds of distant traffic, the occasional horn blast from the docks, and some cheery shouting from the direction of the fair."

Test wallbug with "tutorial on / n" in Crumbling Wall Face.