Counterfeit Monkey — 108 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Chapter 2 - Residential District

Section 1 - Hesychius Street

Hesychius Street is west of Old City Walls. The description is "As the street names make obvious, this part of town was laid out in a different political age, when it was considered more important to commemorate linguistic richness than to standard[ize] practices[if Webster court is unvisited].

This is also the edge of the richest part of town, with houses [--] really, almost villas [--] that were built for households with servants. My parents['] place is just a block or two north of here[end if][if the farmer's stall is in Hesychius Street].

On holidays like today, this street is often host to a farmer's market; though it is now late enough in the day that most of the farmers have given up and gone home, taking with them their twenty-three varieties of pickled olives, their loganberry jam, and their pigs[']-feet-in-aspic[otherwise].

Even the single farmer from earlier is now gone[end if]."

A fortified villa is a scenery facade in Hesychius Street. It fronts west. The description is "An especially solid and safe-looking villa with no entrance on this side. It was built, originally, by the head of the customs office, when that post was somewhat more dangerous than it is today. I admit I don't know who lives there now."

The closure notice is "There are no doors in [the item described] from this angle. ".

Rule for listing exits when looking in Hesychius Street:

do nothing.

A farmer's stall is scenery in Hesychius Street. The description is "It appears to belong to the farmer. It's made of wood and canvas and offers a little shade against the harsh sun. Previous customers have cleared most of it off[if the farmer carries something], but the farmer still has [a list of things carried by the farmer][end if]."

Rule for printing the name of farmer's stall while looking:

say "stall".

The farmer is a man in the Hesychius Street. The description is "Contrary to your obvious expectations, he is dressed more or less like anyone else, and is neither wearing quaint overalls nor chewing a piece of hay."

Rule for writing a paragraph about the farmer:

say "One remaining [farmer] lazes here, watching his [farmer's stall].";

now every thing carried by the farmer is mentioned.

An asparagus is carried by the farmer. It is a vegetable. The indefinite article of the asparagus is "some". The description of the asparagus is "It looks particularly tender and pleasant, but I avoid the stuff."

A lime is carried by the farmer. It is a vegetable. The description of the lime is "A small, wrinkled, intense-looking fruit: it wouldn't give much juice, but is likely very strong."

A yam is a kind of vegetable.

A white-yam is carried by the farmer. It is a yam. The printed name of the white-yam is "yam". Understand "yam" as the white-yam. The description of the white-yam is "A yam with whitish skin. Some of the dirt of the farm still adheres to it."

[Rule for deciding the concealed possessions of the farmer:

if buying something from someone, no;


A description-concealing rule:

now every thing which is carried by the farmer is not marked for listing.