Counterfeit Monkey — 127 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Section 3 - The Fleur d'Or

West of Long Street North is the Fleur d'Or Lobby. The description of the Fleur d'Or Lobby is "[one of]The Fleur d'Or is a high-end hotel that serves businessmen and luxury tourists interested in the linguistic mechanisms of the island. As a result, it has all kinds of paid exemptions, including an exemption allowing it to operate under a foreign name.

[or][stopping][The spotlights] in the ceiling light the floor in distinct pools of Bureau blue, and a [room divider] etched with random letters separates the lobby from the drinks club to the [west]."

Understand "hotel" as the Fleur d'Or Lobby.

Fleur d'Or front is a facade in Long Street North. It fronts west. "On the west side of the street is the several-story front of the Fleur d'Or hotel." Understand "hotel" as the Fleur d'Or front.

The description is "The Fleur d'Or used to have a very fussy, ornate façade done up with pilasters and statue niches and a cornice that looked like it had been piped on with cake icing.

The hotel has recently had a face lift, with the silly old ornamentation pried off, and smooth modern material laid down in its place. Blue tiles pick out the shapes where pilasters used to be, and panels of frosted glass have been fitted to cover the statue niches.

If you are my mother, you call this style Atlantean Postmodern. Less kindly, it is something from the sweaty dreams of an upscale swimming-pool installer."

Fleur d'Or lobby is indoors. The room divider is a scenery thing in Fleur d'Or Lobby. The printed name is "sheet of frosted glass". Understand "glass" or "sheet" or "sheet of" or "frosted" or "annotation" or "primordial" or "primeval" or "sea" as the room divider. The description is "The glass is a good three quarters of an inch thick, and looks very sturdy. The etched letters glow or fade out again depending on the changing light conditions in the lobby.

Annotation in the corner indicates that this is a commissioned artwork by Anne Landis Rosehip, entitled 'The Primeval Sea.'"

The spotlights are a scenery thing in the Fleur d'Or Lobby. Understand "spotlight" or "light" or "lights" or "lighting" or "changing light" or "pools" or "distinct pools" as the spotlights. The description is "The spotlights are more or less steady blue, just fluctuating a little in intensity to add to the sense of being underwater."

Rule for listing exits when looking in Fleur d'Or Lobby:

do nothing instead.

A piano is a fixed in place instrument in the Fleur d'Or Lobby. "[if the player is on the piano-bench]We're seated at a handsome piano in the corner[else]There is no one at the glossy [piano] in the corner[end if]." The description is "A glossy grand, probably worthy of better than bar music." Understand "keys" or "keyboard" as the piano.

The piano-bench is an enterable supporter. It allows seated. [The piano-bench is part of the piano.] The piano-bench is in the Fleur d'Or Lobby. The printed name is "piano bench". Understand "bench" or "piano bench" as the piano-bench. The description of the piano-bench is "Lightly padded and made of the same wood as the piano itself."

Test bench-bug with "sit on bench / look / stand / play piano / look" in the Fleur d'Or Lobby.

Sanity-check sitting at the piano:

try entering the piano-bench instead.

Check performing something on the piano when the player is not on the piano-bench:

try entering the piano-bench;

Report entering the piano-bench:

say "We take our seat at the piano." instead.

A description-concealing rule while entering the piano-bench::

repeat with item running through marked for listing things:

now the item is not marked for listing.

Check performing the rap on the piano:

say "Anything we might play in accompaniment would just conflict." instead.

Check performing the ballad on the piano:

say "With a bit of effort, we manage to mimic the ballad's tune. People are staring at us kind of funny, though." instead.

Report performing the piece on the piano:

say "[one of]It takes several awkward goes, but we manage at last to pick out the tune[or]The second time around, the tune comes a bit more naturally[or]With increasing confidence, we pick out the tune of 'The Grammatical Number...' etc., with a lot of vigor and verve at the part where the tempo doubles and doubles again[or]So as not to bore the patrons of the Fleur d'Or, we try out a new rendition, this time more [one of]jazzy[or]up-tempo[or]syncopated[or]lounge-style[or]contrapuntal[at random][stopping]." instead.

Report performing the piece on an instrument which is not the oboe:

say "With much struggle, we manage to get the rough tune of 'The Grammatical Number…' etc. on [the second noun]; not that we'd recogn[ize] it if we didn't already know what it was supposed to be." instead.

Report performing something on an instrument which is not the oboe:

say "We pick out [one of]some vaguely remembered commercial jingles from your childhood[or]a church hymn you heard a lot in your youth[or]my mother's fav[our]ite Atlantean folk tune[at random]." instead.

Check improvising the topic understood on the piano when the player is not on the piano-bench:

try entering the piano-bench;

Report improvising a topic listed in the Table of Musical Styles on the piano:

say "[description entry][line break]" instead.

Table of Musical Styles

"classical/classics" or "classical music""We noodle around for a few minutes and eventually manage to pick out a tune that sounds vaguely like the opening of Beethoven's Ninth, but I don't have any significant classical pieces memorized and you don't seem to be helping much."
"jazz""I improv[ize] something long and meandering. It sounds okay. At least the other patrons don't seem too bothered by it."
"rock" or "rock music/song/songs" or "great balls of fire""What I picture in my head is us doing some kind of energetic Great Balls of Fire kind of performance. What happens in practice is a lot of ruckus and some quelling glances from the hotel staff."
"rap""Rap... doesn't really lend itself to solo piano performance."
"ballad""I don't have any ballads memorized."
"chopsticks""This must be the twelve hundredth performance of Chopsticks on this piano, because there is a general groan when [you] start. However, [you] carry on gamely for a couple of minutes."
"flight of the bumblebee""Our rendition starts off energetic and then becomes less and less accurate and more and more like a mad monkey attacking a keyboard."

Report improvising the topic understood on the piano:

let title be indexed text;

let title be "[the topic understood]";

say "It's rocky going at first, but we eventually manage to play the essential tune of '[title in title case]'." instead.

Test piano with "tutorial off / sit at piano / get up / sit at piano / play piano / play piece / play the piece on the piano / g / get up / perform the piece on the piano / perform chopsticks / perform Beethoven's ninth / perform me / perform cats / play the piano" in Fleur d'Or Lobby.

The piece is on the piano-bench. The description is "It looks like a setting of 'The Grammatical Number of Our Enemy (Is Singular),' a popular music-hall piece of the 1890s that still gets trotted out now and then. There are rousing choruses where the audience can join in to represent the enemy sailors just prior to their encounter with the deplural[izing] cannon." Understand "music" or "grammatical number" or "chorus" or "choruses" or "music-hall" or "music hall" or "grammatical number of our enemy" as the piece.

Rule for writing a topic sentence about the piano:

if the player is not on the piano-bench:

say "There is no one at the glossy [piano] in the corner[if the piece is on the piano-bench], though [a piece] has been left on [the piano-bench][end if]. [run paragraph on]";


say "We're seated at the glossy [piano] in the corner, trying to look like the hired entertainment or at the very least a hotel guest[if the piece is on the piano-bench]. [A piece] has been left on [the piano-bench] beside us, but we've sat in such a way as not to crush it[end if]. [run paragraph on]"