Counterfeit Monkey — 135 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Section 2 - Samuel Johnson Hall

South of University Oval is Samuel Johnson Hall. The description of Samuel Johnson Hall is "This is the main building for Language Studies. [one of]This is not to be confused with Language Engineering, which is the department that handles devices for the manipulation of language-objects; it is also not to be confused with Linguistics, English Literature, or Comparative Literature, all of which have their own buildings and faculties. Language Studies applies itself to questions of linguistic efficacy chiefly at a social and anthropological level.

That's to say that we study how the ability to change things based on their names affects daily life and society.

[or][stopping]The department office, with several professorial offices leading off of it, is to the [southeast]. To the [southwest] is the seminar room, where many of the upper-level courses occur, and which also contains the department library; downstairs is the basement, where the graduate students and junior instructors are kept."

Samuel Johnson Hall is indoors.

Rule for listing exits while in Samuel Johnson Hall:

do nothing instead.

The framed photograph of Waterstone is a thing in Samuel Johnson Hall. It is fixed in place. "On the wall hangs a [photograph of Waterstone], with the words SHAPLY CHAIR in big letters underneath." Understand "photo" or "picture" or "professor" or "frame" as the framed photograph.

The printed name is "framed photograph of Professor Waterstone".

The description is "The Shaply Chair is not named after the famous suffragette Phyllida Shaply, but after her considerably less famous or interesting descendant Lawrence Shaply, who was well-placed within Dental Consonants Ltd. when it started up and subsequently had buckets of money with which to endow university chairs.

Nonetheless, this position is a point of considerable pride for Professor Waterstone, and gets him many invitations to speak both here and abroad, which he takes terribly seriously. (More to the point, the government permits him to attend.)

This may explain the particularly expansive grin on Waterstone's face in this image. Usually his pleasure is expressed more moderately."