Counterfeit Monkey — 134 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Chapter 3 - Campus Itself

Section 1 - University Oval

The sturdy iron gate is southeast of Palm Square. It is scenery. The sturdy iron gate is a door. The sturdy iron gate is closed, lockable, and locked. The description of the sturdy iron gate is "The campus as a whole is walled and gated because of the amount of linguistic research that happens inside. This is a very lightweight form of security, more symbolic than anything, with much more significant protections on the really powerful materials[if the ring is not handled].

I have the student ring that opens this back in my apartment. I just wasn't expecting to need to go in there ever again[ring-fetch][end if].".

After printing the name of the sturdy iron gate when Palm Square is not visited:

say " to the university".

To say ring-fetch:

assign "Retrieve my student ring from my apartment" at Apartment Bathroom.

The ring unlocks the sturdy iron gate. The ring unbolts the sturdy iron gate.

Carry out taking the ring:

complete "Retrieve my student ring from my apartment".

Instead of climbing the gate:

say "It is not badly built, as far as gates go, and it would not be possible to climb over without attracting attention."

Southeast of the sturdy iron gate is the University Oval. The University Oval is proper-named.

The description of University Oval is "This is the cen[ter] of the university, a broad grassy oval shaded with [sycamore trees] and surrounded by buildings in brick or white stone."

Some sycamore trees are scenery in University Oval. The description is "They're handsome old trees [--] the same white-trunked hybrids that line the avenues of Provence, I'm told, growing several [if the player wears the Britishizing goggles]storeys[otherwise]stories[end if] tall and creating a tolerable shade even on very hot days." Understand "sycamores" as the sycamore trees.

Instead of climbing the sycamore trees:

say "They're too tall. Even the lowest branches are inconveniently high."

buildings-general is scenery in University Oval. The description is "Of the original 1757 foundation of the University, little now remains, and the oldest building on campus is the administration building, a Georgian creation of white steps and columns, ca. 1780. That's further east, though, and the buildings here around the Oval are mostly from the enormous expansion of the university in 1911-1940, when the publication of the New Orthodox Orthography caused a rapid expansion in language-related disciplines.

My own building is Samuel Johnson Hall, to the south."

s-johnson-hall-exterior is a facade in University Oval. The printed name is "Samuel Johnson Hall". It fronts south. "Immediately south of here is the building where I spend most of my time, Samuel Johnson Hall.".

Understand "building" or "samuel" or "johnson" or "hall" as s-johnson-hall-exterior.

The description is "When it was built in the [']30s, the whole purpose was to prove to the rest of the faculty the tremendous value of the new field of language studies (as opposed to language engineering, a field long valued for its ability to produce tools and, more importantly, weapons).

Consequently, [s-johnson-hall-exterior] was built to impress: a blind windowless front of white stone rising grandly from the pavement; an oppressive [portico] that makes entering figures look tiny."

The portico is part of s-johnson-hall-exterior.

Understand "blind" or "windowless" or "front" or "white stone" or "stone" or "oppressive" or "statues" or "relief" or "statue" or "letter e" or "letter t" or "letters" or "e" or "t" or "shining" or "bronze" as the portico.

The description is "The portico is many times taller than a person, and is flanked by relief sculptures of two massive, fleshly, ideal[ize]d figures, reminiscent of early Soviet art. One holds a large letter E, the other a letter T: the two most common letters in the English language.

The letters are not carved from the same stone, but are attachments made of shining bronze.".

The business-school-exterior is a facade in University Oval. It fronts north. It is scenery. The printed name is "business school". Understand "brick" or "building" or "business school" as the business-school-exterior. The description is "A 1930s brick building which now houses the business school, heavily sponsored by DCL and famous for producing most of that company's upper management."

The east-campus-extension is a facade in University Oval. It fronts east. It is scenery. The printed name is "Sycamore Walk". Understand "sycamore" or "walk" as the east-campus-extension. The description is "Sycamore Walk runs east towards the older part of campus. But [you] have no useful business there today [--] I wouldn't be able to get us into the buildings, and I don't think it would help anyway."

Instead of going east in University Oval:

try examining east-campus-extension.

An activist is an alert woman in University Oval. Understand "student" or "protester" as the activist. "[An activist] is standing in our way[if the activist carries the bright yellow sign], gripping [a bright yellow sign] that says 'TOXI WASTE AWARENESS!'[end if]." The description of the activist is "An earnest-looking woman, about 22."

The activist carries a bright yellow sign. The bright yellow sign is a sign. The description of the bright yellow sign is "The sign is bright yellow and says 'TOXI WASTE AWARENESS!'" The initial appearance is "A sign lies on the grass, abandoned by its owner."

The printed name of the bright yellow sign is "sign".

Rule for listing exits when looking in University Oval:

do nothing instead.

[Every turn when the activist can see the player and the activist is not the current interlocutor:

try the activist saying hello to the player.]

Report the activist saying hello to the player:

queue environment-offer instead.

Instead of giving bills to the activist:

say "Your mind rebels at the thought. You need this money [--] we both do. Without it, we haven't a hope of making our way in another country."

Instead of going south from University Oval in the presence of the activist:

if the activist recollects at least three quips:

say "The activist seems to have given up on convincing us and lets us go by in peace.";

continue the action;


say "[one of]The activist deftly steps in your way.[or]The activist bobs and gets in your way again. 'We're picketing that building,' she says. 'No entry except for supporters.'[or]This time two friends of the activist appear beside her. 'Supporters only,' they say.[or]The TOXI WASTE power people prevent you. Maybe we'd better listen to what they have to say.[stopping]".