Counterfeit Monkey — 147 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Section 3 - Bus Station

The Bus Station is southeast of the Abandoned Park. "A currently-desolate depot from which buses run seasonally to Maiana, the island's other major town. The [station building] is a low, rectilinear edifice from the 60s, all pebbled concrete and sheet glass, but it's shut, leaving accessible only a series of empty [bus bays] and a [wall-mounted schedule]. The public convenience to the [east] is the only thing open, while the area to the [northwest] is open parkland."

The old station building is scenery in the Bus Station. The description is "It's the most pathetic thing imaginable: the future, as imagined by the past. No one is in there at the moment." Understand "pebbled" and "concrete" and "sheet" and "glass" and "edifice" as the old station building.

The bus bays are scenery in the Bus Station. The description is "There are three bays, though it's rare for more than one to be in use at a time unless a chartered bus service is running on behalf of tourists or the schools."

The wall-mounted schedule is scenery in the Bus Station. The description is "The schedule is an intricate affair, and the de[if the player is wearing britishizing goggles]cy[otherwise]ci[end if]phering of the various letter-codes and footnotes was actually a subject of study in my grade school. The buses run every sixty-two minutes during daylight in the winter, every forty-three minutes in summer, with every third bus running as an express without stops if the passengers of this bus do not vote otherwise.

During the run of the school year there is an extra inbound bus in the morning and outward in the afternoon; contrariwise the bus is on half-schedule Sundays and holidays, except major patriotic holidays when there is no bus at all.

Like today."

The shed is a thing in the Bus Station. "A [shed], rather ramshackle and unlikely, sits on the pavement, where it ought to be in the way of incoming buses." The heft of the shed is 10. The description of the shed is "Sheds like this are typically cheap and very very temporary housing for the homeless. The policy of the Bureau is that no one is allowed to beg, and punishments for begging and homelessness are often quite stiff, so there is nothing in the way of an established shelter on the island and little recourse for those who might need it."

Instead of opening or entering the shed:

say "It's locked, but I doubt there's anything inside but possibly a few used blankets."

A dove is a bird in the Bus Station. "A [dove] flutters from one surface to another, occasionally stopping to stare at us." The heft of the dove is 2. Understand "bird" as dove. The description is "It is pure white, probably a refugee from a group released at a wedding. People do occasionally get married on Serial Comma Day."

The long-road is a facade in the Bus Station. The printed name is "long road". Understand "long" or "road" as the long-road. It is scenery. It fronts southeast. The description is "A long road leads through the outskirts of town south and east towards the rest of the island. It's an interesting journey, but not for today."

The closure notice is "That would be a long walk and in the wrong direction. ".

The convenience-exterior is a scenery facade in the Bus Station. The printed name is "public convenience". Understand "public" or "convenience" as the convenience-exterior. The description is "A humble structure."

Rule for listing exits while looking in Bus Station:

do nothing instead.