Counterfeit Monkey — 174 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Section 4 - Crew Cabin

The Crew Cabin is a room. It is nautical. It is indoors. "It was meant to be mine, before we turned out to be inseparable It's... Spartan. But I didn't pay for expensive accommodations. Oh, yes, and I can understand that it must be a bother for you to give up the storage space.

I'm fascinated to note what shape a bed can be when it's not rectangular. More sort of curved and tapering. Convenient if you're called on to house a mermaid.".

Instead of looking in Crew Cabin when the player is gelled:

say "One upside to our continuing to share the same bodies: I don't have to try to sleep in that narrow tapery bed."

The misshapen bed is a yacht bed in the Crew Cabin. The description is "It is fitted into the curve of the yacht wall, which is strongly bent here, so that the foot of the bed is tapered and narrow." It is scenery.

Some tiny portholes are portholes. They are in the Crew Cabin.