Counterfeit Monkey — 188 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Section 2 - First Recollection of the Yacht

lock-formation is a memory. The printed name is "making your lock". Understand "making" or "your/my" or "lock" as lock-formation. The max is 1.

Carry out examining the lock:

trigger lock-formation.

Carry out remembering lock-formation:

say "[b]Galley[/b][line break]You were going through the galley cupboards on the yacht. 'If you're looking for coffee, Slango forgot to resupply,' Brock said, descending the galley staircase in a wet Speedo.

'No, the first-letter razor,' you replied, holding up a portable clock. 'I need a lock that responds to restoration gel but nothing else.'

'Ah.' Brock toweled his hair. 'It's in my bunk, sorry. Want to come look for it?'

You smiled [--] a give-away smile. 'Wish I could, but we're on a deadline. Go put some pants on. And bring me the razor.'"