Counterfeit Monkey — 187 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Section 1 - Memory Terms

A memory is a kind of thing. A memory can be triggered, proto-triggered, or untriggered. A memory is usually untriggered. A memory is usually fixed in place.

A memory has a number called the uses.

A memory has a number called the max.

A memory has a number called the last trigger. The last trigger of a memory is usually 0.

Understand "remember" or "memories" or "memory" as listing memories. Listing memories is an action out of world.

Report listing memories:

say "Currently on your mind [is-are a list of triggered memories][one of]. [paragraph break][first custom style][bracket]REMEMBER any memory to review it.[close bracket][roman type][or].[stopping]";

To trigger (new memory - a memory):

let elapsed count be the turn count - last trigger of the new memory;

if the uses of the new memory is less than the max of the new memory and elapsed count is greater than 2:

now the new memory is proto-triggered;

change the last trigger of the new memory to the turn count;

Before reading a command when a memory is proto-triggered:

say "[one of]Something makes you think of[or]You have a fleeting thought of[or]You are reminded of[at random] [the list of proto-triggered memories].";

now every proto-triggered memory is triggered;

if we have not remembered:

say "[line break][first custom style][bracket]MEMORIES will list your currently active memories[close bracket][roman type]";

Understand "remember [any triggered memory]" as remembering. Understand "think about [any triggered memory]" as remembering. Remembering is an action applying to one visible thing.

First carry out remembering a memory:

increase the uses of the noun by 1.

Report remembering:

say "Then we're back in the present.[line break]".

Sanity-check remembering when the location is Roundabout and the player is in the car:

say "Hey! Now isn't the time for reveries! Watch the road." instead.

Remembering something is acting fast. Listing memories is acting fast.