Counterfeit Monkey — 190 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Section 3 - Back Alley

[This is something we know from the very beginning of the game.]

Carry out examining something in the Back Alley:

trigger getting-here.

getting-here is a memory. The printed name is "how we got here". The max is 1. Understand "how" or "we" or "got" or "here" as getting-here.

Carry out remembering getting-here:

say "[b]Cluttered Industrial Room[/b][line break]The synthes[ize]r was right at the cen[ter] of the room, and we were inside it. An unshaven man in a blue jumper was prodding us with his foot. 'Wake up! Wake up!'

But we couldn't move, even though you were half-conscious. So he panicked. We'd paid him to let us recover in comfort, but he wasn't about to risk having a corpse on his hands, even an unidentified one. He picked us up and dumped our body in the Back Alley and left."