Counterfeit Monkey — 191 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Section 4 - Brock Goodnatured

Carry out examining protesters:

trigger saving-rivka.

saving-rivka is a memory. The printed name is "your crew's heroism". The max is 1. Understand "your/my" or "crew" or "crew's" or "heroism" as saving-rivka.

Carry out remembering saving-rivka:

say "[b]Galley[/b][line break]The scene is the kitchen aboard Slango's yacht: smaller than the kitchen in a comfortable house, but carefully and elegantly fitted. Brock and Slango were standing around, Slango with a lemonade and Brock with a chilled vodka. [paragraph break]The fourth person on the scene was Rivka Coutinho, a prisoner you'd sprung from Atlantean custody. She'd been caught running an illicit Hebrew school while nominally a visiting foreign employee of DCL.[paragraph break]";

say "'To not being in Cold Storage,' said Rivka, lifting her own glass. She swallowed and her eyes watered a little. [paragraph break]Rivka had spent the previous seventeen years as an inanimate object in a Bureau warehouse.[paragraph break]'You'll be with them soon,' Brock said. 'But I took these for you.' Silently he passed across the table glossy prints of Rivka's daughter and granddaughter [--] a child she had never met."