Counterfeit Monkey — 192 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Section 5 - Brock in Bed

Test Brock-bed with "x bed / remember brock / x bed / g / g / g / g / g / g / g / g / g / g / g / g / g / g / g / remember brock" in dormitory.

Test Brock-fully with "test Brock-bed / test Brock-bed / test Brock-bed / test Brock-bed / test Brock-bed / test Brock-bed / memories / remember brock".

Brock-bed is a memory. The max is 5. The printed name is "how it started with Brock". Understand "how" or "it" or "started" or "with" or "brock" as brock-bed.

Carry out discussing a quip which mentions brock:

trigger Brock-bed.

Carry out examining a bed:

trigger Brock-bed.

Carry out examining a dorm bed:

trigger Brock-bed.

Carry out remembering Brock-bed:

if the uses of the noun is:

-- 1: say "[b]Brock's Stateroom[/b][line break]It was early morning, almost a year ago now. A dim light came through the portholes. A four-thousand dollar mink blanket covered your hip.[paragraph break]You sat up and started fishing around beside the bed, in the dove-grey shadows, for your bra.[paragraph break]Brock put a hand on your thigh. It seems you woke him.

'That wasn't your first time,' he said.

'No.' You were still feeling for the underpants and the shirt, not looking at him.

'Well. You're made of human after all.' Brock stretched, grinned. 'After breakfast I'll clear you some drawer space.'

'This was a one-night event,' you said. 'You're familiar with the concept.'

He got very still. Then he got out of bed. Without looking at you, he got his trunks out of his drawer. 'I'm going for a swim.'";

-- 2: say "[b]Navigation Area[/b][line break]Brock was sitting at the controls, with you leaning over him. He pushed you away. 'Cut it out. I'm not available every time you decide to go slumming.'[paragraph break]It was deep blue summer twilight. He was driving the yacht with one hand on the steering wheel and the other loosely in his lap. You turned to go.";

-- 3: say "[b]Sunning Deck[/b][line break]Brock was sprawled out on the cushions with his sunglasses on. Pretending not to see you. You stood so that your shadow crossed his face and he had to look up.

'I've been a jerk and I'm sorry,' you said.

'I'm not the man-whore of Babylon,' he replied. 'I've had the odd fling. That's all.'

'I know.'

'I'm not James Bond here.'

You pulled your towel more tightly around you. 'I know.'

'And you have lost the right ever to give me crap about women again,' he said.

Your teeth were starting to chatter. 'Yes.'

'Okay. Apology accepted.' He lowered his sunglasses again.";

-- 4: say "[b]Café, Marseilles[/b][line break]Brock was scowling into his drink. 'I don't know, Andra. Are you going to flip on me again if we try to be together? I'm not blaming you for your parents, and... honestly, I'm surprised how much you've been able to assemble yourself into someone new. But jeezus.'

'What happened to your thing about how everyone goes through life hurting everyone else a little bit, like radiation?' you asked. 'But mostly people heal, and it's worth it?'

'Yeah, that's true,' he said. 'But you still don't go into the reactor core with no suit, if you see what I mean.'

You tilted your head. 'You weathered it pretty well when you and Annalisa split up.'

He swirled the melted ice in the bottom of his glass. 'Is this what you're fishing for?' he said. 'For me to tell you you're special, you're different, I care about you more and therefore it would ruin everything if we ever broke up?'

You didn't answer.

'It [i]would[/i] ruin everything,' he says. 'Because you're on my crew. But as to the girlfriend thing, I have no idea. We don't know each other that way.'";

-- 5: say "[b]Brock's Stateroom[/b][line break]Brock had tied your wrists to the headboard and your left ankle to the corner of the bed. He had a thesaurus open and was writing, with a paintbrush, across your stomach.

'Floozy?' he asked.

You giggled, so he painted the word above your navel, smiling, giving the Y a big flourishing curlicue.

'Let's see, what else. Fornicator?'

You drew in your breath sharply. Remembering an angry lesson read from the lectern.

'Okay,' he said. 'Not that one, yet,' and licked away the F he'd begun to paint.";

-- otherwise: say "I get the idea. You don't need to show me more.";