Counterfeit Monkey — 193 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Section 7 - Espionage Memories

Carry out looking in Roget Close when Roget Close is visited:

trigger espionage-recollection.

Espionage-recollection is a memory. The max is 2. The printed name is "your crew's skill". Understand "your/my" or "crew's" or "crew" or "skill" as espionage-recollection.

Carry out looking in Fleur d'Or Lobby when Fleur d'Or Lobby is visited:

trigger espionage-recollection.

Carry out remembering espionage-recollection:

if uses of the noun is greater than 1:

say "[b]Fleur d'Or Guest Room[/b][line break]

A clean-lined, minimal room, but furnished expensively: fresh-cut tulips in a plain glass vase, high thread-count sheets, vast pillows suitable for the hibernation of giants. The closets feature safes, which is excellent for someone in your line of work, because it tends to persuade guests that their computers are being protected when they go out.

You were inside because you'd bribed a housekeeper, and were gathering information from a businessman's laptop while the businessman himself was downstairs at the bar.

But the Bureau also had an agent, also posing as a housekeeper in the hotel, also up to the same purposes. The business with the minibar vodka was clever, I grant.";


say "[b]A Room in a Villa[/b][line break]The bed was draped with sheer salmon-col[our]ed fabric. The bedroom opened without doors straight onto the bathroom with a full view of the spotlit bathtub. The toilet was hidden by a frosted glass panel etched with leaping fish. It was the swankest place you'd ever seen, and it made you uncomfortable.

'Belongs to a seafood magnate,' your crew-mate Brock was explaining. He was in the middle of setting up a directional mike pointed out the window. The head of R&D at Sibilant Solutions lived right across the way. What you learned from his pillow-talk was enough to recover three missing marquesses.";