Counterfeit Monkey — 194 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Section 8 - Breaking

Carry out looking in the bus station:

trigger leaving-memory.

Leaving-memory is a memory. The max is 1. The printed name is "leaving your family for the last time". Understand "leaving" and "your" and "family" and "for" and "the last time" and "last" and "time" as leaving-memory.

Carry out remembering leaving-memory:

say "[b]Bus Stop[/b][line break]Your suitcase was next to your leg. It was nearly three in the morning. There were thirty more minutes before the bus would take you to San Francisco. Your mother would have warned you not to be in a place like that alone so late at night, but it didn't feel, then, like anything that could happen to you would be worse than your mother's behavior and her anger."