Counterfeit Monkey — 195 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Section 9 - Protesting Petty Laws

helping-Engeo is a memory. The max is 1. The printed name is "your crew's attitude to Atlantis law". Understand "your" or "crew's" or "attitude" or "to" or "Atlantis" or "law" as helping-engeo.

Carry out going from Outdoor Cafe:

trigger helping-engeo.

Carry out remembering helping-Engeo:

say "[b]Galley[/b][line break]You, Brock, and Slango were sitting around the built-in table aboard Slango's yacht, using Brock's laptop to plan upcoming jobs. 'We've got time before Cairo,' Brock said. 'What do you think of this one?'

Slango grimaced. 'Pay's chickenshit. And what a job. Getting a name like [']Nexami['] past Atlantean border control? So some guy can do a concert tour? Come on. Where does that go on our résumé? Right after [']brought down international conspiracy by Sibilant Solutions'? It's hiring a neuro-oncologist to treat your pet gerbil.[']

'We got ourselves credentials,' Brock remarked. 'We're not exactly the most solid upstanding ordinary-named guys.'

'Because in our line of work it's useful not to be. Plus I would do a job for myself that I wouldn't do for anyone else. Obviously.'

'This is a job for a virtuoso,' Brock said. 'Pure challenge, no obvious social engineering solutions. Not to mention, if it turns out we can't deliver, what's this guy going to do about it? He's a musician.'

Slango still didn't look impressed.

'It's [i]breaking Atlantean law[/i],' Brock added temptingly. 'And there's no law that needs breaking [--]'

'[--] more than Atlantean law,' you and Slango chorused with him.

'Point taken,' said Slango. 'Okay. We plant evidence that [']Nexami['] is a traditional ethnic Basque name...'

'You know he was born in Glasgow.'";