Counterfeit Monkey — 196 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Section 10 - Counterfeit Monkey Clue

category-memory is a memory. The max is 1. The printed name is "past experience playing games". Understand "past" or "experience" or "playing" or "games" as category-memory.

Carry out an actor discussing how one might go about winning:

trigger category-memory.

Carry out remembering category-memory:

say "The three of you were watching the contest at Counterfeit Monkey. This time the prize was a bottle of Dove Wing Absinthe, and the latest contestant was trying to letter-remove her way to an object the size of a pebble.

Slango lifted his root beer. 'These guys are in a rut. It's all [']make a liquid['] and size-based challenges. I want to see some demanding categories. Strawberry-scented. Paisley. Pachyderm-themed.'

You shrugged. 'People L-remove tiles,' you said. 'You can get a letter-made tie any col[our] you want.'

'Import Category 5,' Brock said. 'Now that would be a strong challenge category.' Under Atlantean customs law, Import Category 5 means things that are edible, but not fruits or vegetables [--] everything from drugs to chicken breasts. 'Clear, but it rules out a lot of overly productive agriculture words.'"

tiles-memory is a memory. The max is 1. The printed name is "Brock's comment about anagramming". Understand "Brock's" or "comment" or "about" or "anagramming" as tiles-memory.

Carry out examining the anagramming gun for the first time:

trigger tiles-memory.

Carry out remembering tiles-memory:

say "[b]Galley[/b][line break]You and Brock were sitting at the galley table, Scrabble tiles in front of you. 'This is what I admire about you,' he said, touching your foot with his. 'Most kids raised by fundamentalist parents wind up the same way themselves, or they go off the deep end the other way. You just... rearranged the tiles you'd been dealt.'

More than he real[ize]d, in fact, now that you've added my tiles to yours."