Counterfeit Monkey — 208 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Chapter 8 - The Origin Paste

A thing can be disguised or undisguised. A thing is usually undisguised.

After someone looking at a disguised thing through the scope:

say "[The person asked] frowns, but the scope makes no sound."

Instead of looking at a disguised thing through the scope:

say "[The scope] fails to make any sound or response at all, but no green image forms revealing the true nature of [the noun]."

The player is disguised.

The Origin Paste is a disguised illegal thing on the bar-top. The origin paste is essential. The indefinite article is "some".

The origin paste can be won or unwon. The origin paste is unwon.

Instead of taking the Origin Paste when the Origin Paste is unwon:

say "Without even glancing away from what he's doing, Parker the barman says, 'That's reserved.'"

The description of the Origin Paste is "A cake of pale purple: it is able to disguise letter-reformed objects so that they don't look like obvious frauds, or even show up under authentication.

The only problem with it is the distinctive smell."

The introduction is "The Origin Paste is powerful stuff, and worth a good bit of money."

The scent-description is "overpowering French lavender".

Instead of eating or tasting the paste:

say "[one of]I once tried some lavender sorbet at a swank little Milanese gelato shop. This is like that, only less icy and more chalky.[or]Sorry, it's not an experience I care to repeat.[stopping]".

Instead of smelling the player:

say "[You] smell of lavender. It's not as bad a reek as it was earlier, though. No one would think it was anything but soap."

Understand "rub [paste] on/onto/to [something]" as putting it on.

Sanity-check putting the origin paste on the restoration gel:

try putting the restoration gel on the origin paste instead.

Sanity-check putting the origin paste on the tub:

try putting the restoration gel on the origin paste instead.

Instead of putting the paste on something:

record "using the origin paste" as achieved;

say "[You] [if a person who is not the player is visible]surreptitiously [end if]smear some of [the paste] onto [the second noun]. Nothing obvious happens, of course, but that is the whole point.";

now the second noun is disguised.

Instead of smelling a disguised thing:

say "Lavender wafts back at us."

The ash is disguised.

Test originpaste with "tutorial off / x paste / eat paste / smell paste / smell me / touch paste / lick paste / put paste on me / put paste on gel / open tub / put paste on gel / gel paste / rub paste on me / rub paste onto me / rub paste onto remover / smell remover / drop paste / get paste" holding the origin paste and the tub.