Counterfeit Monkey — 215 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Chapter 11 - Restoration gel rifle

The restoration-gel rifle is an essential pistol. The printed name of the restoration-gel rifle is "restoration gel rifle". Understand "restoration" or "gel" or "handgun" as the restoration-gel rifle.

[we want use of the regular gel to win, if possible]

Does the player mean putting the restoration-gel rifle on something:

it is unlikely.

The description of the restoration-gel rifle is "A rifle that shoots pellets of restoration gel, converting objects from a distance. Guns like this are illegal to carry unless you're Bureau. They can inflict unpleasant bruises if they encounter nothing to convert and absorb the energy."

[Disambiguate sensibly with the tub of gel.]

Does the player mean shooting something with the restoration-gel rifle:

it is very likely.

Does the player mean doing something with the restoration-gel rifle:

it is unlikely.

Sanity-check shooting something irretrievable with the restoration-gel rifle:

if the second noun is the player:

make no decision;

say "Since [the second noun] contain[s] [if the second noun encloses the tub][the tub][otherwise]something useful[end if], it might be a bad idea to change its form. [You] might not be able to get the contents back." instead.

[Because it's possible to change something into an object that becomes fixed in place in the backpack, or too heavy to move...]

Before shooting something which is in the backpack with the restoration-gel rifle:

try taking the noun;

if the player does not carry the noun:

say "It seems best not to word-change things that are in the backpack." instead.

[And now special cases of description: ]

Instead of shooting the Origin Paste with the restoration-gel rifle:

say "[You] fire the gun into the Origin Paste. There is a violent thump, a suffocating cloud of lavender and mint fumes, and then the paste is much the same as before, just smaller."

Carry out shooting something with the restoration-gel rifle:

say "[You] shoot [the restoration-gel rifle] at [the noun]. ";

gel-convert the noun.