Counterfeit Monkey — 230 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Section 5 - E

The description of the ear is "Severed. It's not a nice thing to look at." The heft of the ear is 1. The scent-description of the ear is "wax".

The description of the earlap is "Just the severed [i]tip[/i] of the ear, for the really discerning psychopathic collector. Not the lobe, but the top end."

The eases are r-abstract. The description is "Foggy, shifting images of the idea of ease: now a pillow; now a cigarette; now a seat in first class for a change.".

The earl is a man. "An Earl stands a few feet away, decked in identifying [ermine]." The description is "He looks anxious and out-of-place."

The earl wears an ermine. Understand "coat" as the ermine. The description of the ermine is "It is a coat of soft white fur, legendarily associated with purity and nobility, but now rather more suggestive of the mistreatment of animals."

The scent-description of the earl is "musty furs".

The greeting of the earl is "'Pleasure to meet you,' says the earl. 'No need to stand on ceremony, eh? Excellent.'"

The earring is a wearable thing. The heft is 1. The description is "A twinkling diamond pendant earring, the sort rich women wear to deluxe evening occasions. It is your expert eye, not mine, that determines it is not zirconium, and notes the '950 platinum' stamp on the metal." Understand "diamond" or "pendant" as the earring.

Sanity-check wearing the earring:

say "We appear to have manifested with unpierced ears." instead.

The earpiece is a wearable thing. The description of the earpiece is "It's a little bluetooth device for use with a telephone; the kind of thing you typically don't see around the island, with cell phones as limited as they are."

The earwig is an insect.

"An earwig is crawling about looking menacing and slightly alien."

The description is "These things have always given me the creeps."

[The elongating trouser is wearable. The description of the elongating trouser is "A garment with a single gradually lengthening leg. [trouser-growth]."

To say trouser-growth:

say "It's [one of]our size now, but it won't be for long[or]too tall for us already[or]suitable for a man at the moment[or]a good length for a basketball player[or]currently about right for a clown on stilts[or]too long for anyone but the most dedicated tall stiltwalker[stopping]";

Instead of wearing the elongating trouser:

say "It would only trip us. [trouser-growth]."]

An eel is edible. The description of an eel is "Manifested dead, because out of its proper element, the eel nonetheless gleams with silver and stripes."

The scent-description of an eel is "a sort of oily, fishy tang".

The eight-object is an r-abstract thing. The printed name is "eight". Understand "eight" or "8" as the eight-object. The heft is 0. The description is "It looks like an infinity symbol rotated ninety degrees."

The elegantly winter pilot is a woman. Understand "aviatrix" or "slim" or "alert" as the elegantly winter pilot.

"[The elegantly winter pilot] shows no sign of nervousness or impatience."

The description is "A slim, alert aviatrix, dressed suitably for a biplane duel somewhere over the Ukraine. Her eyes are almond-shaped and her glance taunting."

The greeting of the elegantly winter pilot is "The pilot's greeting is a series of unidentifiable syllables. But somehow they hint at black forests dusted with snow, and a single jingling sleigh."

The elf nun is a woman. Understand "pale" or "pointed" or "ears" or "white-blonde" or "hair" as the elf nun.

"The elf nun stands watching us. Her eyes are very dark, almost blue-black."

The description of the elf nun is "Her expression is deep and unreadable. From under her wimple, pale pointed ears and a few whisps of white-blonde hair show."

The elf nun wears a wimple. The description of the wimple is "Embroidered in white on white with Celtic crosses and patterns that speak of Kells."

The greeting of the elf nun is "'Blessings of growth and renewal be upon you,' says the elf nun. Her accent is sing-song and alien."

Every turn when the elf nun is visible:

if a random chance of 1 in 3 succeeds:

if a vegetable is visible:

say "[one of][The elf nun] sadly eyes [the random visible vegetable][or][The elf nun] speaks a short prayer for [the random visible vegetable][cycling].";


say "[one of][The elf nun] crosses herself and whispers a few words in a sibilant tongue[or][The elf nun] touches her lips, her forehead, and her chest[at random]."

The description of the ell is "It's a measuring stick for a no-longer-used measure. I wouldn't really be able to tell it from a cubit at sight."

The Ent is a man. The heft of the Ent is 6. The description of the Ent is "He looks like a tree: an olive tree, perhaps surprisingly, but a very large, conscious olive tree, regarding us through eyes as black as his fruits." Understand "tree" or "olive" as the Ent.

The greeting of the Ent is "Hoom."

The era is r-abstract. The description of the era is "Across an imaginary screen there flicker images from a standard school film: the island of Atlantis being formed, back long ago in geological time, and some assorted dinosaurs enjoying its beaches."