Counterfeit Monkey — 276 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Section 11 - Nexami

Carry out waving a letter-remover at the spill creating something in the presence of Nexami:

queue nice-clean-up as immediate optional.

nice-clean-up is an NPC-directed quip.

The response is "'Nice clean-up method,' [Nexami] comments. 'Beats using a rag.' At least, I think that's what he said."

say thanks for pointing out spill is a performative quip. The comment is "'Hey, thanks.'".

It mentions spill.

The response is "He makes a you're-welcome gesture and goes back to contemplating the sea view.".

It quip-supplies Nexami Engeo.

that it's one of those things atlanteans learn is an informative quip. The comment is "'I'm afraid you wouldn't be impressed if you were from around here,' we say. 'It's one of those things most Atlanteans learn early. Main reason why paper towels don't have much of a market here.'".

It mentions spill.

The response is "'Hm!' Not the most talkative tourist ever, is he?".

It quip-supplies Nexami Engeo.

It directly-follows nice-clean-up.

what-atlantis is a questioning quip.

The printed name is "what he is doing in Atlantis". The true-name is "what-atlantis".

Understand "what" or "he" or "nexami" or "engeo" or "is" or "doing" or "Atlantis" or "in Atlantis" as what-atlantis. The comment is "'So, what are you doing in Atlantis?'".

It mentions Nexami.

The response is "'Doing a show tonight,' he says. 'Up on the City Walls.' This is only partly a lie: you know that his main business in town is some sort of computer science contract, and that it's largely cover that his band is playing in the Serial Comma Day festivities.".

It quip-supplies Nexami Engeo.