Counterfeit Monkey — 275 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Section 10 - Father

After going from the Sensitive Equipment Testing Room:

set the current interlocutor to father;

continue the action.

Confrontation-with-father is a scene. Confrontation-with-father begins when the current interlocutor is father.

Instead of going somewhere during confrontation-with-father:

say "I can't walk away on him. Not until I know what he means to do."

When confrontation-with-father begins:

move father to the location;

try father discussing hey-alex;

queue dont-say as postponed obligatory;

queue what-are-you as postponed obligatory;

queue new-friends as postponed obligatory;

queue almost-dad-goodbye as postponed obligatory;

queue final-dad-goodbye as postponed obligatory;

Confrontation-with-father ends when the player recollects final-dad-goodbye.

When confrontation-with-father ends:

try approaching cold storage.

Father is a man. "My father stands a few feet away, his posture oddly askew, as though the situation takes him aback so much that he can't stand up straight. His arms are crossed over his chest. Through your eyes, he looks older than he is." The indefinite article is "my". The description is "He's in his mid-fifties, tall, thin but not excessively so. His hair is going white at the temples. His manner has always been mild and unimposing, but he is actually a capable manager, and more highly placed in the Bureau than he likes to let on.

Right now he looks both exhausted and fiery, as though he's been called up for a difficult and possibly fatal duty."

Instead of kissing father:

say "That is a super-creepy idea."

Rule for beat-producing when the current interlocutor is father:

say "[one of]Somewhere down the hall a clock ticks loudly[or]No one speaks for a moment. The silence is almost eerie[or]Footsteps sound far away down the hall, but no one comes this way[or]We all say nothing for a moment[or]We stare at each other, breathing hard[at random].[run paragraph on]";

hey-Alex is an NPC-directed quip.

The response is "'Alex.' [paragraph break]I can't help it: I stop and turn. It's too ingrained in me. And it's my father's voice.

He's wearing his ordinary work clothes, but he looks strained to the point of fracture. And someone could come out of any of these doors at any moment."

deny everything is a performative quip. The comment is "'You must have me confused with someone else.'".

It mentions yourself.

The response is "He sighs. Not deceived even a little; weary that we tried.".

It quip-supplies father.

It directly-follows dont-say.

dont-say is an NPC-directed quip.

The response is "'Your mother told me about meeting your supposed girlfriend at your apartment. She was puzzled by that, but I knew what must have happened,' my father says, in a very low voice[if a noisy thing is enclosed by the location], just barely audible to us over the sound of [the random noisy thing enclosed by the location][end if]. 'I deleted the record of your unauthor[ize]d synthes[ize]r draining the power grid, which, by the way, could get me dismissed.'"

what-are-you is an NPC-directed quip.

The response is "'I didn't tell your mother what I suspected, but when it comes out you've… defected… I won't be able to keep this from her. And you're giving up your career. Mine too, possibly; we'll all be under suspicion, I suppose.

'It's pointless. You could have done a great deal for the Bureau from within. I was trying to help you see that.'"

lay out our reasons is a performative quip. The comment is "'I want to do something that matters,' I say. 'I don't see my work making a speck of difference here.'".

It mentions immigration, yourself.

The response is "'You mean you don't see [i]my[/i] work as important,' he says. 'Got that from your mother, I imagine.'".

It quip-supplies father.

It directly-follows what-are-you.

Instead of saying no when be comforting is available:

try discussing be comforting.

Instead of saying sorry when be comforting is available:

try discussing be comforting.

be comforting is a weakly-phrased performative quip. Understand "comfort" as be comforting. The comment is "'It did matter to me that you tried to help,' we say. 'But no one here is ever going to try my solution. I have to leave if I want to, well, to take my shot at saving the world, essentially.'".

It mentions yourself, research.

The response is "'That's not—' He bangs his fist into the wall and pulls it away with a wince. 'That's not how it works. Jesus. Saving the world is boring and incremental and institutional. I mean, it will be for you too — if you want to do your crazy project the first thing you're going to need to do is spend hours in meetings with NGOs.'".

It quip-supplies Father.

It directly-follows what-are-you

new-friends is an NPC-directed quip.

The response is "'So your partners in crime are, what, smugglers? Industrial saboteurs? That's wonderful. Finally some [i]role models[/i].'"

quibble is a weakly-phrased performative quip. The comment is "'We prefer to think of it as ensuring that important technology does not remain the sole property of a restrictive hegemony,' we say. ".

It mentions yourself.

The response is "'Okay, around here we still call that theft,' Father says.".

It quip-supplies father.

It directly-follows new-friends.

deny being a spy is a weakly-phrased performative quip. The comment is "'The law doesn't work unless it's got a few human beings outside of it,' you say [--] drawing on one of Slango's sayings. 'Every tyranny creates its own balancing force.'".

It mentions yourself.

The response is "Father's expression goes extremely dry. 'Oh, yes, we tried that theory around here too. I regret to give away the ending, but it's a risky idea.'".

It quip-supplies father.

It directly-follows new-friends.

almost-dad-goodbye is an NPC-directed quip.

The response is "'You've left enough traces that people will know someone came in here today.'"

final-dad-goodbye is an NPC-directed quip.

The response is "'Here's what we're going to do, Alex. You're going in there[--]' (he points at a door to the southwest) '[--]and I'm going to call for backup to arrest the first person that comes out. That could be Alex, it could be whoever-else-you-are, it could be both of you in this same body.

'If it is Alex who comes back out, I can't possibly save your university career, but we might be able to make a case for clemency.' What he means by that[--] oh. Yes. I understand now.

He gives us a hard shove. We're half inside the room when we hear his last remark:

'Alex... don't try to escape back through the Rotunda. If you really can't come home, then head north. I've never seen it, but supposedly there's an emergency exit up there.'

Then he's gone."

Report shrugging during Confrontation-with-father:

say "[one of][You] shrug. It feels like being a teenager again[or]Another shrug. I wish he'd stop talking[stopping]." instead.

Report smiling during Confrontation-with-father:

say "[You] try for a placating smile. It doesn't seem to help." instead.

Report crying during Confrontation-with-father:

say "Okay, maybe my eyes are a little wet, but you didn't need to point it out." instead.

Report laughing during Confrontation-with-father:

say "[one of]You laugh. The sound is out of place, and it makes me uncomfortable. Father, too, to judge by his expression[or]'Ha,' you say[stopping]." instead.

Report scoffing during Confrontation-with-father:

say "[one of][You] roll our eyes[or]'Tch,' [you] say[at random]." instead.

Test father with "test Brockscene / get rock / e / shrug / g / g / g / g".