Counterfeit Monkey — 285 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Section 2 - Endgame

Report requesting hint about the umlaut punch:

if the power chord is unseen:

say "I'm kind of curious to see it in action, aren't you? I mean, we could try putting something inside, just for fun." instead;


say "Since we're not in a German-speaking environment, I think we've discovered the only major use this thing is ever going to have. Unless there are some other childhood-fav[our]ite bands you're desperate to resurrect?" instead.

Report requesting hint about the anagramming gun:

if the anagramming gun is loaded:

say "[You] can shoot it at things to rearrange the letters. But be cautious; this isn't a toy. There's good reason they keep it locked away." instead;

else if the anagramming gun is not touchable:

say "It's a tempting article, but honestly I don't see any way to reach the gun from here." instead;


say "Before we can use this thing, we'll need to load it. These things take special ammunition, which might be around somewhere." instead.

Report requesting hint about the cryptolock:

say "[one of]This looks a little like the spinner lock we saw back in Roget's Close all that while back[or]We need to put something into the bucket that can successfully be transformed, using the rules of this lock[or]Apparently, the bucket rotates vowels forward: A to E, E to I and so on[or]Anything we possess that could make that transformation would do[stopping]."