Counterfeit Monkey — 50 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Chapter 3 - Vehicles and Transport Animals

Section 1 - Animals

Include Rideable Vehicles by Graham Nelson.

[In addition to providing a bunch of generic synonyms in a hurry, these kinds allow us to design in some specialized behavior for how animals act when moving and so on. There are a huge number of creatable animals in the game, so it's best to categorize as much as possible.]

A bird is a kind of animal. Understand "wing" or "wings" or "bird" or "feather" or "feathers" as a bird.

An insect is a kind of animal. Understand "bug" or "insect" as an insect.

Sanity-check touching or rubbing or squeezing an insect:

say "[You][']d rather not. All those legs." instead.

The scent-description of an animal is usually "sweaty animal".

The scent-description of a bird is "fresh air".

The scent-description of an insect is "summer heat".