Counterfeit Monkey — 51 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Section 2 - Roads

A road is a kind of room. Definition: a room is offroad if it is not a road.

Instead of going from a road to a road:

if the player is in the car:

continue the action;

if a car (called target) is visible:

if more than one car is visible:

now the target is a random visible fueled car; [there will only ever be enough fuel for one car]

try entering the target;

if the player is in the target:

try going the noun instead;

if the protesters are visible:

if the number of entries in the path so far of the player is greater than 0:

say "[path-walked so far][paragraph break]";

say "Unfortunately the sidewalks, which were never very wide to start with, are so blocked by the mass of protesters that it's impossible to get by. Besides, if we associate with them, we might wind up getting arrested on minor charges anyway. We need some kind of automotive transport.";

assign "Find transport for getting past the traffic on High Street" at High Street;

otherwise if the room gone to is the Roundabout and the protesters are not off-stage:

say "That whole area is so jammed that our only hope is to go by car.";


continue the action.