Counterfeit Monkey — 59 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Section 3 - Bedrooms

A bed is a kind of supporter. A bed is always enterable. A bed is usually reclining.

When play begins:

now every bed allows seated;

now every bed allows reclining;

now every bed which is not a dorm bed allows standing.

A clothed bed is a kind of bed.

A blanket is a kind of thing. Some sheets are a kind of thing. A pillow is a kind of thing. Some sheets, a blanket, and a pillow are part of every clothed bed.

Instead of taking something which is part of a clothed bed:

say "Stripping down beds is boring, and none of the bedclothes are likely to be especially useful."

The description of a pillow is usually "Fluffy, harmless, mostly useless." The description of sheets is usually "They're the usual sort of thing." The description of a blanket is usually "Blankets in this part of the world, at this time of year, tend to be lightweight; and this is no exception."

A dorm bed is a kind of bed.