Counterfeit Monkey — 79 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Section 7 - Edges and Cutting

[We could in theory use an object property for these, but there are nearly 2000 objects in the game and that would be a bit of storage overkill when we want only two or three objects to correspond to the definition.]

Definition: a thing is edged if it is the jigsaw or it is the sword.

Definition: a thing is cuttable if it is the kudzu or it is the plexiglas.

Understand the command "cut" as something new. Understand "cut [something] with [something preferably held]" as cutting it with. Understand "cut [something] with [an edged thing]" as cutting it with. Cutting it with is an action applying to one thing and one carried thing.

Sanity-check cutting something which is not cuttable with something:

if the second noun is edged:

if the noun is a person:

say "Sometimes I find your sense of hum[our] grotesque." instead;


say "I think that would only make a mess." instead;


say "[The second noun] do[es]n't offer much of an edge, but that's probably just as well really." instead.

Sanity-check cutting something cuttable with something which is not edged:

say "[The second noun] do[es]n't offer much of an edge." instead.

Check cutting something with the jigsaw when the jigsaw is not switched on:

try switching on the jigsaw;

if the jigsaw is not switched on:

say "It's impossible to use a jigsaw that is not turned on." instead.