Counterfeit Monkey — 80 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Book 5 - Schedule and Time

Chapter 1 - Time Model

Section 1 - Speed of Action

[This game is going to entail taking inventory constantly, as the player reviews what he has available to solve a particular problem. Similarly, looking and examining things in order to check the environment for dangerous or interesting content. Consequently, we want these actions to be timeless so that they don't pose too much of a challenge in timed portions. Besides, during a conversation or otherwise wordy scene, it tends to be unattractive to have a whole inventory list followed by the section of dialogue.

This code is yanked directly from the "Timeless" example in the manual.]

Examining something is acting fast. Looking is acting fast. Taking inventory is acting fast.

[Starting a conversation with someone about is acting fast. ]

The take visual actions out of world rule is listed before the every turn stage rule in the turn sequence rules.

This is the take visual actions out of world rule:

if acting fast:

rule succeeds.